Top 10 E-commerce Marketing Tips and Tactics to Boost Sales

“If there is anything which the online platform needs, it is the generation of ample traffic and sales that are skyrocketing”

Often people think it is an easy cake walk. All that is needed is selecting the perfect product, create a website, put out marketing ads and the sales happen by its own. Although it seems all simple and anyone can work on it, in truth, it’s a long process which requires a lot of efforts so as to kickstart the sales the way you wished for.

Which is why e-commerce marketing is very important. Whether you are a newbie into e-commerce business or been into the business since years, marketing is still an essential component. You will require all the marketing techniques so as to draw a potential crowd who are completely new to your brand, build trust and retain them.

In this article, we will be sharing potential e-commerce ideas tested for getting the sales flowing. So, before we begin, it is necessary to understand that working with a marketing idea backed by no goals or strategies is completely useless.

Before you pick any strategy from the list below, you must foremost align the very tactic or concept with your desired goal and strategy. In case your goal is all about generating sales and profit, then the very goal must be specific which can be stated as how much dollars-worth of sales you wish to achieve in a month.

Do understand that your e-commerce marketing strategy is the pathway towards your goal. To elucidate it further, let’s say increasing your brand’s reach amongst your potential target audience is your desired goal. From here on it’s the tactic which you would apply to help you achieve that goal. Once you have zeroed on the tactic, you can move further to the next step by picking ideas from the list below that perfectly aligns your strategy.

1. Define your buyer persona and use personalisation for improving customer service

You must generate results using this tip before moving to the other ideas mentioned in this article.
In case you have ever developed an audience for your Facebook ad manager, you might be quite aware of how specific your audiences will get. And this is almost what you must consider. Your buyer persona represents your defined set of target audience. Consider the following:

  • Demographic components – sex, geography, age, education level, family status, salary, occupation
  • Interests – attitudes, behaviors, values, lifestyle preferences, hobbies
  • Personal components – pain, challenges, and goal points

For example – Suppose you are trying to sell heart rate monitors, then you will search for your target audience to buy the product. To get a concrete and precise persona, you will need other details like a name, job, age group, etc.

We are not merely concentrating on getting the demographic data, but also aim to uncover the pain points.

In this respect, you may want to read through discussion forums. You can also consider focusing on Mom/parent forum, read blog comments, product reviews which are lucrative places to find resourceful data so as to test the product. You can also google search for discussions. Type “Product inurl:forum.”


After this, check other popular e-commerce marketplaces such as AliExpress, Amazon, and others and read through the comments, reviews by other buyers. Also look out for buyers who have not only bought the product but also cares about them thereby aiding marketers in building a unique angle on who your potential buyer can be.

2. Localise your product by presenting the website in your customer’s local language

In order to raise your conversion rates and dominate the market, you must gear all the ideas you have applied on your e-commerce website towards the individual consumer.

If you wish to deliver products to the audience at Portugal, Italy or Greece, for example generating your website in the local language of the target country over the English language is one of the easiest ways of paving your way into the local market. For this, you are required to spend many dollars. Many e-commerce websites including BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce offer translation functions that you can utilise for selling it to people who do not understand your language.

3. Leverage the location and geography of customers for boosting sales

There is a myriad of ways you wherein you can use individual consumer location for boosting the sales further.

Another way is by sending offers to consumers on the basis of the weather in their location. For example – if you are selling women apparels in the month of October, your banner ads should display bathing suits to audience in Southern California and coats for audience in European countries.

4. Make your customers feel special addressing them using their names

We are not in the year 2000. Thus, if you are still sending emails addressing it to your customers without their names, then what are you even doing?

In the present time, each day your potential audience receive tons of emails from different businesses, e-commerce, etc. Thus, if you wish to sell your product and increase the chances of them read your mail and the content crafted on it, ensure addressing them by their names on the email.

Secondly, do not forget to provide relevant links in the email when sending to each customer based on their history and preferences. Ensure all the messages are relevant and targeted to them. You can also go about asking for feedback from your customers reply on some of your emails or also send them birthday messages (if you have the data).

Additional Tip: Ensure you don’t over-personalise as you may cross the line between using the customer’s personal information for marketing and invading their privacy. Once you cross the line, customers may perceive you as shady and decline purchasing from you.

5. Generate engaging content for your crowd on a regular basis

Often the topics you wish to write on, the internet already has content on it.

Developing good content is more than SEO. Your content may rank you on google, kick in huge traffic and can also go boost your visitor count without purchasing anything as your content is not that relevant. Although using keywords in tandem to your buyer intent and reverse engineering your competitor’s SEO strategy sounds good, these methods may only increase traffic not sales. It is sales that needs to grow.

Content marketing deals around creating brand loyalty, building authority and these two things alone can aid in easy conversion to sales.

In order to make it unique in comparison to the matter already present, either give it a different angle, a relevant perspective to what’s already present or write based on your own experience.

Whichever path you opt for, ensure to make it actionable. Try adding images, videos (how good rockets work), quotes, screenshots, graphics and other types of content that offer visitors the relevant information. Also, it’s always better to be yourself and write in your personal tone.

6. Level up your content strategy by capitalising on events that affects your audience

One of the most useful ways of convincing your audience in buying your products is offering them messages in the right place, at the right time.

In America, Oreos leveraged the 34-minute blackout at the Super Bowl XLVII stadium to prove this strategy.


Although you may not have the designing team on standby like them, you can still come up with different ways to astonish the crowd with something that really matters to them. In the example of Oreo, the target audience loves snacking during the game, by adding in timeliness and humour in the ad, it allows a large group of people to form positive connection and increase their willingness to buy the product in the future.

7. Leverage on user-generated content for generating your sales

If you do not have the time to generate good content, then leave it on your customers to do so. In some scenarios, this tactic works wonder on conversion rates. This is because customers feel more connected when you include them in what you are doing.

Another reason being your customers trust the data given across by other people than about what you are going to say.

There are many types of user-generated content. These include reviews and guest posts that play a relevant part. You can add these and go further like the #ilovetripadvisor from TripAdvisor.


#ILoveTripAdvisor Contest


Contests also make a great way to build an email list or increase social media followers.

You can also consider directing user-generated content around a cause. At a certain point, Aerie, a brand dealing on women clothing gave $1 to National Eating Disorders Association for every unretouched image people took either in the Aerie swimsuit or underwear and posted along with the hashtag #AerieREAL. This aided in increasing the popularity of the brand and boosting its sales.

Finally, one of the most effective user generate content we will include is affiliate marketing. This is letting others do the work for a small commission drive of sales and bumping up the revenue.

8. Send to your customer’s wish list reminder emails so as to convince them on buying your product

Sending emails to customers about abandoned carts is a popular method and it’s great. However, you can go further and upgrade this game by sending wish list reminder emails.

When a person places a certain item on their wish list, it means they wish to purchase it and so is all good to remind them.

Convince your visitors to take the plunge on buying the products that they had shown interest in buying. You can also put urgency especially when the product is selling out, as nobody would want to miss out on products they like to buy. In addition, you can also send them a special promo such as a discount or free shipping offer if they have purchased the product.

9. Optimise the description of products to speak to the target buyer persona

One common mistake made by people in their e-commerce store is getting the description copy-pasted directly from the manufacturer’s website that merely describing the features. That’s probably a lazy person’s job that is no good for your website.

Each experience must voice to the customer and thus the description must be built in the same line. I know this is wood, but what good can that serve for you must be the component to concentrate on.

Beginning with your title page ensure the message is well thought, relevant and delivers the required idea in less than 66 characters. Do not make it look cumbersome with too many keywords just to rank it on the search engines. Remember it is not the search engine you are selling but to the people. Although SEO is important, customers matters even more.

Make features that fulfill the interest of your buyers. You have already defined who they are and the pain points, thus create features that benefit you and fit the necessary criteria. Along with ensuring not to miss out on the important information on your website.

Ensure to write according to your buyer persona. The tone of your brand must come out as you wish to represent them, what you want to represent and who your target consumers are. Stick with the same tone throughout the copy so as to connect well and convert them.

Looking at CreatureS website and their product pages, you can see that their copy has grit and tells who they are talking to because of the consistent strong voice.

10. Make use of loyalty programs so as to make the customers repeat the products

Selling the product to the customer at the first instance is 6 to 7 times more tough and expensive than getting them to repeat the purchases, especially if they had a better experience. If you are a one-time wonder, you will tend to spend more on marketing and thus lose out on where you have gained. Thus, optimising the website for Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a probable route for scaling up the sales.

Making use of a loyalty program ensures consumers keep returning and purchase your products. These are easy to set up and as long as it is done right, consumers will keep coming back.

Make your customers feel more special by rewarding them for spending their money on your store. You can also give your customers points, discount coupons, free products, free shipping, free subscriptions and can get them certain day free order and offers. When people feel connected to the product or your program, you can reach success.

As once you have generated loyal buyers, referral programs will further render in accelerating growth.

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We start every project with a simple conversation, getting to know you and your business, your requirements and your goals. If you would like to book a consultation, fill out the form below and we will be in touch to arrange a time.

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